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Fall TV Shows 2014: Crime Dramas Part 2 by invaderhog Fall TV Shows 2014: Crime Dramas Part 2 by invaderhog
This is the second part of the Crime Dramas installment.

Elementary- Okay, can we talk about how lame this season finale was compared to Season One? But I will give the show credit for reminding us that Joan and Sherlock are really just giant children. I was on both of their sides in the argument and I hated the way they both handled their own feelings.

Person of Interest- talk about the BEST SEASON FINALE for one of the best seasons of television. Person of Interest killed an amazing character, Carter, and then proceeded to destroy everything we know and love about the show. The finale had us finding out about the real purpose of Vigilance, The Machine having to go dark, the team splitting up, and Samaritan is up and running, but for what purpose? Mr. Finch: "I am so lonely Mr. Reese..."

NCIS- The season finale saw the death and burial of Gibb's father, a great guy and great character. He will be missed and the show sent him off in a great way.

NCIS: LA- the finale was a little cartoonish, with G and Sam stuck on a sub heading somewhere with a bunch of terrorists. But Hettie is still awesome so there's that and on the romantic front, Nel and Erick gave each other notes and Deeks and Keensi should be getting married and having tons of babies sooner rather than later if the writers are merciful.

NCIS: New Orleans- technically a new show, the pilot for this show wasn't half bad and I can't wait to see what they do with it.

That is the end of Crime Dramas, the last installment will be Sci Fi's and other shows.


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August 20, 2014
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